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Utah Trip–Saturday Afternoon, Capitol Reef Hickman Bridge

After a nice drive across a bit of Utah, we got a place in Torrey and then headed to the Capitol Reef visitor center. Wow! The place was packed. Capitol Reef used to be a ‘barely visited’ National Park, but it’s skyrocketing in popularity. We asked one of the rangers there about the road to Cathedral Valley—it’s a really long (25-30 mile) drive in, and there are times where the road can be impassable if you don’t have a 4wd vehicle. He commented that the road had been recently graded, and we shouldn’t have any issues getting there. So that was on the schedule for a Sunday sunrise shoot. We decided to make a quick trip down the road to Hickman’s Bridge.

The hike was probably a mile and a half with some modest elevation (500 feet). We obviously weren’t hitting the bridge in the best light.

I believe this is a SFD image

This is the opposite side. I love the Navajo sandstone...

On the hike out, Rick and I did some scrambling to shoot the overlook that goes over the canyon the road goes through.

We found some tasty pizza in Torrey, so we were set for the evening. That was good—we had an early morning drive ahead of us to get to Cathedral Valley before sunrise.

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