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First post of 2015

The fact that it’s taken me so long to put stuff up is pathetic. It was a busy Christmas, followed by a lot of dog showing for Jen and Grace. They topped off February in spectacular fashion: Grace took Best of Breed with Stewie, our American-bred and Australian-loving curly! Jen and Tony Eales were there to witness the win, and I’m sure many tears were shed. Links to videos are up on the front page.

For those wondering about the photography—pfft. I’m just starting to work through the St. George Island photos from August. Ugh. Life is too busy for recreation!

A new album is here. Enjoy!

Puppies at Christmas

Some more puppy footage. It was really nice to see the sun for a couple days. It’s gone away again…

New Puppy Videos

Well, we finally got the puppies outside, and did some videos with them. They were a heck of a lot of fun. Weather was cool (20’s), but the puppies warmed up and had a lot of fun

And here’s a video from a week before. 

At three weeks

Hi Everyone:

I’ve been lazy with puppy photography, although I’ve slept downstairs with Angel for most of the last week (she gets lonely during the day). So I’m there with the puppies daily, and they are getting very cute. These puppies are monstrously huge, and a lot of fun! Without further commentary, here’s a video from last night.

(Full size video here:

Some photos from SGI

Just a smattering of some of the stuff I snapped.

Back to blogging...

Wow, I’ve taken quite a bit of time off. I haven’t done a ton of photography, and what I did (August 2014 St. George Island) remains in my hard drive waiting to be processed. Life has been busy, work has been really busy.

The good news is that it’s early November, and we’ve got a batch of puppies on the ground. Four stupendously beautiful, humongous Curly Coated Retriever puppies. Angel did a fine job trying to push these monsters out, but there’s no way they were getting through a birth canal that didn’t belong to a cow. Three boys and a girl. All blacks. The biggest boy—26 oz.! We’ve never had a puppy near that size. The other boys are 23 and 21 oz (which are larger then our previous largest…). Girl hasn’t been weighed yet (she’s eating).

What ever happened to those litters of 10 where they ranged from 7.5 to 12 oz.?




Grace and Stupie-doo

Or Stewie, as he prefers to be called. Grace and Stewie took runner up in the Best In Group competition on Saturday (in the future), which is equivalent to a Sporting Group 2 in the US (I think—I don’t really speak Australian Dog Show…). In addition, they went into the Best In Show Open competition and got best ‘Open in Show’, which doesn’t really have an AKC equivalent, but is definitely cool. Grace is definitely enjoying her winter (summer) vacation…

Grace Runner UP BIS-open

Grace with judge


About a week and a half ago, we put Grace on a plane at O’Hare, bound for LAX. And from there, she was heading to Brisbane to stay with a friend (hi Tony!) for the next couple months—ostensibly to show dogs and see the sites. She’s been having a blast! Here are some shots from the first week or so of the trip…

Thanks to Tony for taking good care of her!

Australia landing
IMG 5147

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