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Puppies at Christmas Part II

It’s been a while since I’ve written. Not because there’s not been plenty of interesting things to write about, but life has just gotten really busy. Work is nuts (#Abbvie!), but in a really great way. Kids are almost all grown up, which makes me wonder where the hell my life has gone. And then, there is the wonderful grounding constant—puppies!

Monroe (out of Cami x Spike) was bred to Stewie a couple months ago. She was due today, but she decided to have a litter last Friday instead. And no wonder—there were 14 big, beautiful puppies inside. Weights ranged from 13+ oz to nearly 18 oz. 8 liver, 6 black. 9 females, 5 males. Everyone is doing fantastic (well, at least the canine contingent). We’d love to say that we’re all ready for Christmas, but that would not be entirely factual. What we are very happy about is the pups are beautiful, healthy, and mom is doing a fantastic job taking care of them.

Here are some quick snaps. Enjoy!

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