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Shooting kids…

It's that time of the year again: time to trek up to the school and shoot the kids for the K-8 school play. Here's a young lady who is in the first year of the troupe.

And then there's this one, who's getting herself photographed for the seventh year in a row (and she's got one more year to go!)

It'll be fun to get these cropped up, toned, and then printed.

Puppies at 8 weeks: Out in the snow!

So this is week 8 for the little devils. They're still a lot of fun. Full of teeth. They're very jump-y. And they love to be out in the action. This first set of shots is from Saturday night. They're getting used to the grooming table.


And then on Sunday I took them outside to romp in the snow for a while. They had a great time with this. It's the first time they've been outside to play

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