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In Memorium–Mrs. Karrmann

Five years ago, Noah and I were privileged to get to take a trip up to northern Wisconsin with Mike Karrmann. The trip was memorable for several reasons—great weather, fun fishing, awesome photography—but most of all, for great friendship. And I got to meet an awesome woman—Mike’s mom!

Mrs. Karrmann was a woman who had a light glowing inside of her—warm, hospitable, entertaining, interesting; as much as I was enjoying the trip for all the other reasons I mentioned, meeting her was the highlight. She had such vitality inside of her, you just figured she would live forever.

Inevitably, this is not the case. She passed away this week. I don’t know how old she was—to me she’ll be frozen in time with that weekend. I mourn with the Karrmann family as they put her to rest. I’m disappointed that I wasn’t sticking my camera in her face and chasing her around (although I’m not sure she would have approved), she was as beautiful as she was remarkable.

These photos are simply my way of saying ‘bon voyage’. I’m sure she’s enjoying a place that’s even more beautiful and peaceful than this.



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