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Tree Trimming

Spring is finally springing around here, at the end of March. We were outside enjoying ourselves. Highs were in the low 50°s. It was time to take down Christmas lights, and do a little tree trimming. The only issue? Those limbs are huge! And they probably weigh several hundred pounds. 

Before. Thanks to Max and his friends, we had the extension ladder set up. I couldn’t get it yesterday with Noah’s help. That thing is a pig.


And here’s the after. Note the big branches laying on the ground. I’d love to say no one got hurt, but both Noah and Jen suffered rope burns on the first branch, and Noah got pulled forward and through the gravel. I really hate doing this kind of work, and probably should hire it out.


Afterward, Jen and I headed to the pasture to worm Prelude.



Mmmmmm. Tasty!

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