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Blizzard of 2011

Yup, there's a lot of snow outside!! The snow has been going since Monday afternoon, but the blizzard stuff really didn't start until around 4 pm yesterday afternoon. By the time it got dark, it was really coming down and blowing very hard (40-50 mph gusts). School was cancelled the evening before, and I had no illusion of trying to go to work. The National Weather Service put out a 'severe danger' warning, basically saying to not go out unless it was an absolute emergency.

This morning I got up and really couldn't believe it. I've been in bigger snows, but the wind had blown huge drifts around and it reminded me of a couple of the Rochester blizzards I had lived through (I'm thinking '66/'67 and one in high school, probably '78). I tried to get the dogs out into the dog yard, but that was completely snowed in, so they went out to the driveway and around the house (the wind had blown most of the snow away from the foundation). After getting coffee, I put on the gear and went out to do some shoveling and get some hay to the hooved ones.

Front yard. Not too terrible—this drift is probably 3.5'.

Back side of the house. This is getting deeper, and I'm having to slog through 3' of snow pretty much everywhere. I think we got somewhere between 20-24", but it's just impossible to say.


The good news is that the tractor started. The bad news is that I'm not going anywhere with it! It's all 3-4' of snow around there, and it'd take me a couple hours of work to get it to the driveway. And what's the point


Note the hoop of the dogsled handle showing. Pretty deep back here. The top of the 4' dog fence is just barely visible on the left side of the photo.


I've got some shoveling to do to get to the back door. And don't be too loud or an avalanche is waiting from above!


Sled is unburied, and ready for a hay run. Remember there are long runners that this thing is standing on!

This wasn't a lot of fun...


But the crew was very appreciative…





Finding the water bucket took some time, because it was completely covered over.


And Grace came out to play for a bit!


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