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Cammy's puppies are here!

Puppy watch 2011 has officially started! Cammy had her water break around 10 am this morning, and started to push before 11 am. But after a couple hours with no major progress, we decided to drag her into the vets to let them look at her (before they left for the day). She pushed and pushed, but no luck getting the puppy out. So c-section it was. The puppy gunking up the works—19 3/4 oz!! A nice black male, but that's way too big for a first time delivery. The other three round out the Mendelean averages: a black female at 17 3/4 (the runt)!, a liver female at 19 oz, and a liver male at 20 3/4 oz. Cammy is likely to never speak to us again...

Picture will be up in a little bit.




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